Editor’s Letter

Hi Everyone,

“To everything there is a season.”

I learned that from The Byrds.

This year, still in it’s prime, has brought unprecedented obstacles and monumental promise to us as individuals, as a college, and as a nation.

We have witnessed the beginning of a historically significant new presidency, and we hold our breaths to see if it will usher us into a new world. We have, so far, survived through an economic crisis that has tested our flexibility, our resourcefulness, and our ability to grow our own hope. We have watched the drama unfold as our college administration works to stem the tide of a bad economy, gain the right to offer four-year degrees, and support bills that will help preserve the college’s ability to keep it’s door open.

The Jibsheet has a whole new cast. We have bid adieu to our beloved Adam Magnoni, Lance Braud, Martin Hickman, Chris Wood, Kimberly Absher, and my much beloved Emma Sergeant, and said hello to a few new faces.

I’ll tell you a bit about your new community informants, so you know who to tell all your juicy stories to, who to yell at for spelling errors, and who to come to when you realize you’d love to work for us.

I am Elizabeth Ballinger, new Editor-in-Chief. I am under qualified and nervous as hell. I like to make crepes, tell stories, chase after beautiful girls, write songs about beautiful girls, and tell my guitar, Rita, that she is a beautiful girl.

Stephen King is the Jibsheet’s new managing editor. He is the quintessential charming Brit, enjoys eating scones, sipping tea and battering the odd Manchester United fan. He hopes to one day write a best-selling novel- under a pseudonym, naturally.

Annelise Rolander is our copy editor. She is a writer who occasionally takes a break to mercilessly rip apart other’s work. Her pet peeves include run-on sentences, incomplete thoughts,  redundancy, and commas used willy-nilly. Her boyfriend likes scones.

Brittany Butterfield is our News editor. She lives in Butterfield Time, a zone apart from all other beings, but when she can find her way to Pacific she likes interviewing strangers. She is a semipro cheerleader who has every episode of FRIENDS memorized.

Brook Stallings is our Features editor. His greatest accomplishments are playing 11 characters in a musical versionof “The Grapes of Wrath”, playing a go-go dancer in “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told”, without being dragged off-stage and pummeled to death by an irate audience, and remaining married to a wonderful woman for nearly 15 years.

Katie Drahos, our Arts editor, is a semi-pretentious artist who likes to make people smile so hard they are forced to get corrective surgery. She doesn’t know the difference between rotten apples and the Mona Lisa, and she isn’t ashamed.

James Storbeck is our new Sports editor. He is a single, 6 foot something, and likes long walks on the beach. He wishes the Jibsheet had a couch.

Ashton Cermack is our Assistant Arts editor. He plays drums, watches cult to contemporary classics, and can only cook BBQ ribs. I have never seen him without his sunglasses.

Patrick Farricker, our Assistant News editor, consumes mass amounts of chocolate, and is therefore the sweetest person anyone will ever know. He has a flare for classic piano. He giggles frequently.

Joel Koglin, our photographer, sleeps as much as an infant, sometimes gets lost on buses, and is very adept at channeling the souls of inanimate objects through his art. He has a special bond with pizza, and gets separation anxiety when it is gone for too long.

Hiroki Murakani, assistant features editor, is a terrific satirical news writer who looks splendid in a keffieh, He hopes to one day be a disc jockey.

Luke Eden is our graphic designer/webmaster/ad assistant. He knows everything I should because he was born inside of a computer chip. He dislikes Helvetica, and he used to have really long hair.

Anne Taylor has been our Ad manager for 5 years. She is coaches cheer, eats Dots ice cream for breakfast, is superbly enthusiastic, and gets very mad when you hide her plant’s miracle grow.

Janelle Gardner is our Faculty Advisor. She sports the spiffiest pinstripe pants, is obsessed with Cinderella, gives very good relationship advice, and smiles even when you say awkward things for no logical reason. She has a phobia of white space and has never been sarcastic.

So, Bulldogs, there you have it. Keep us on our toes, keep us honest, keep us worth reading, and if you really have something to say, come tell us. We’ll make sure everyone hears you.