Edmonds cant handle the Lady

By Katie Drahos.
The BCC women’s basketball team dominated over the Edmonds Tritons with a final score of 67-47.
The game started out slow for the Bulldogs, with Edmonds getting the tip and first basket, it set the pace for the first half. Poor rebounding and simple mistakes by the Bulldogs gave the Tritons an opportunity to develop an early lead.
“[Edmonds] has a very poor record. The girls just can’t go out there and expect to win. If they do, this will be a long night,” said head coach Brent Hermanson when asked about his thoughts before the game.
Both teams were shooting well from the 3-point range. Taylor Christianson went 2 for 2 on 3 pointers and could not be stopped. Good ball movement and running to court gave BCC their momentum and after they got going, there was no looking back.
“It took us awhile to get going… we gave 19 points to a bad team. We didn’t start off the way we wanted to but we came and got the job done,” said Hermanson.
Ending the half 39-19 Bulldogs, they knew they needed to put the pressure on and play good defense in order to get the win.
Tiffany Shen put the pressure on indeed; her defense was outstanding and no one could get by her for the whole second half. The Bulldog defense as a whole was stellar, and Edmonds couldn’t get a shot off.
Leading scorer with 10 points was Kaneshia Brooks, shooting 5 for 5 from the field goal range. Right behind her was Alisha Dodd with 9. Dodd was also the leader in the assist category with 4. Both ladies handled the ball with both grace and elegance, and were able to find the openings to score.
With the final score 67-47 it is true that once the Bulldogs got ready and came to play, they owned the court and added one more win to their record
“Did we play pretty? No, but we came and did what we had to do and that was come and get a win.” Hermanson said.