El Corazon Hosts Moose Blood

By: Patric Williamson

On Saturday, April 7, Moose Blood came to Seattle’s El Corazon concert venue to celebrate the release of their fourth studio album, titled “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore,” which shattered expectations and instantly seemed familiar to those who listened to the band’s first album, while simultaneously bringing them in a new direction.
Moose Blood began as a small UK pop-punk band based in Canterbury, Kent, which was formed in 2012 and soon after signed to the label Hopeless Records.
“I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore” showcases lead singer Eddy Brewerton’s progression, illustrating how he has come a long way from the early 20s up-beat singer he used to be on their debut album, taking their sound from teen-angst-infused rock to emotion packed songs of regret and heartbreak.
That being said, the band has refused to allow their change in sound to affect their ability to turn out addictive choruses and guitar chords. Tracks such as “Have I Told You Enough,” “Talk In Your Sleep” and “It’s Too Much” make it nearly impossible not to sing along with Brewerton’s mesmerizing voice.
Each one of the aforementioned songs is deserving of its own spot on a Moose Blood greatest hits album, leaving little to be desired and overall leaving longtime fans more than satisfied. The quality of the three headlining tracks leads me to believe that at least one will top UK rock charts in the coming weeks.
“Just Outside,” “Can We Stay Like This,” “All The Time,” “Promise Me” and “You Left In The Worst Way” are prime examples of what Moose Blood is known for and what has popularized them so quickly: relatable lyrics about heartbreak and the struggles of dealing with those we love. Brewerton has mastered the art of being able to write songs in which a story can be told from track to track, granting a temporary insight into his mind during his most emotional points in his life and interconnecting nearly every song into a four album long relationship.
“Pull Me From The Floor” and “Such A Shame” are two of the more upbeat and pop infused songs on the album. Despite this, both songs are about moving forward from a break up and coping with the memories of what once was. This certainly is not the first time that they have made a happy sounding song carry so much gloom, however it just seems to be one of the many reasons why Moose Blood is so popular in the rock and emo scene.
Overall, “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore” is a refreshing album for fans of the band, while also providing a good way for new listeners to get introduced to the many sounds the band has.
Lyrically it is as impressive as all their previous albums although lacks a real sense of evolution or something uniquely new. Which depending on the listener, could be a positive or a negative aspect of the album.