End-of-quarter business leadership club public speaker: Skip Sampelayo

Business leadership - cropped
Rhita Benmakhlouf, BLC co-president (left), and guest speaker Skip Sampelayo (middle) Christian Moore, BLC co-president (right)


The Business Leadership Club of Bellevue College welcomed guest speaker Skip Sampelayo to their weekly meeting this Tuesday.  Sampelayo worked at Boeing for 30 years, and is now a part-time professor at Bellevue College.  Sampelayo presented on the many opportunities and events that talk about business and leadership.

For students considering a business degree track or are looking for ways to get connected with the business community, the Business Leadership Club has a closed Facebook group available to join, titled “Bellevue College Business Leadership Club (BLC).”

Sampelayo explained that Bellevue College offers a series of three classes focused mainly on leadership.  These classes are also available for free, as long the Student Programs work grant application and class add and/or drop form is submitted to Student Programs.  However, if the sign up is done through online registration, the students will have to pay the class fee.
The three classes are worth two credits each and fulfill humanities requirements for an Associate’s Degree at Bellevue College, but will not transfer to four year universities.

The group of classes can be found online under the Human Development classes.  “Each week we go to a different leadership-like topic, and always invite our colleagues from industry to come in and share their insights as part of the class,” said Sampelayo.

The first class in the series is Human Development 210 Leadership Today: Creating a Vision for Tomorrow, and was offered fall quarter.  Human Development 212 Inclusive Leadership was available winter quarter, and the third, Human Development 211 Leadership Today: Building Tools for Tomorrow will be offered in spring quarter.

The first class will be on envisioning mission goals and objects for organizations and clubs.  We’ll do values assessment, and another module that includes dealing with difficult people.  There will also be a module on problem solving and critical thinking.”

Another upcoming opportunity Sampelayo mentioned is Camp Casey.  This is a four day long leadership retreat on Whidbey Island available through Bellevue College.  The camp starts the week after finals for spring quarter, on Tuesday, June 23 and runs until Friday,  June 26.  This too is free to Bellevue College students, and applications can be found in Student Programs.  Camp Casey promises interactive leadership workshops, a ropes course, games, campfires and other activities.

Other upcoming events include the Leadership Conference held in Wenatchee for three days in September, and a Midyear Leadership Retreat in December.   The college also offers monthly leadership seminars called “Cookies and Learning,” the next of which will be April 28 in C220 at 1:30 p.m.  This event is also free to students.

Sampelayo also talked about a course that teaches interview skills and writing resumes. This class is EXPRL 220 under experimental learning.  This class is also worth two credits, is offered in the upcoming spring quarter.

The Business Leadership Club welcomes any students who are interested in discussing and pursuing business to attend one of their meetings, held weekly on Tuesdays at 2:45 in C225.