Enjoy living a healthy life this spring

For anybody that loves being outside, the BC Wellness Center is the place to be this quarter. With many outdoor activities planned already, it’s hard to find an activity that students wouldn’t want to participate in. Even if BC students are not engaging in Wellness Center classes, the Wellness Center is something that is open to any and all students to take advantage of.
The Wellness Center is available to students who aren’t taking any sort of physical education classes and there are many classes that students could be taking for credits through the center. The Wellness Center not only helps with getting students out and active, but also helps students achieve academic goals. Students are able to take prerequisite classes in order to obtain a Wilderness Skills Certification as part of an AA transfer degree in preparation for a four year college BA in Recreational Leadership. Additionally, students can use that certification to complete the Washington State Physical Education Teaching Certification.
Ray Butler, chair of the Wellness Center and the Wilderness Program, is one of the faculty members who takes part in the Wellness Center events. For Butler, it’s not only about getting out and being active, it’s about connecting with other people. “You know, there’s just something about being around a campfire that just does something to you,” said Butler. “And when you’re out kayaking or depending on somebody else to be holding your rope during
rock climbing, you really learn how to let your guard down and trust others.”
Anybody can register online for Wellness Center events. It’s only $5 for registration and equipment. Registering for an event doesn’t cover registration for any wellness classes, however. During May 16-17, registration is open to join the Overnight Backpacking Adventure. For those who are interested, the only meeting before the actual event is on May 14 from 3:00-5:00 p.m., where students and staff will learn about the required gear, clothing, food and more. May 23-24,
students and staff will be able to participate in the San Juan Island Bike Tour. Everybody will meet in Anacortes at the ferry terminal and go on the bike tour from there, and then later on will camp out and enjoy a seafood pasta dinner. The cost for that event is a little higher because of the $35 bike rental.
Butler urged students to sign up for events, even if they aren’t enrolled in any physical education classes.
“We just aren’t getting out and moving our bodies like we used to anymore. Even something as simple as rock climbing really pushes you and your muscles a lot more than maybe what you’re used to,” he said. For photographers and active-minded staff and students alike, the BC Wellness Center is also hosting their first annual photo contest this year. “The purpose of the contest is to generate an appreciation for the outdoors through photographs taken by Bellevue College students, staff and faculty. Our goal is to find photos that best express the beauty and serenity of the natural environment as well as the exhilaration that is found in the outdoor activities,” said Danielle Richards, a BC student.
Entries for the photo contest are being accepted until June 6, so those who wish to participate have plenty of time. Selected winners will have their images displayed in the G building from 12:00 – 2:30 p.m. June 9, 11, and 13. The winning photos will be announced on June 13. Prizes will be given to the winning photographers.
For those who are interested in other Wellness Center events, visit the Wellness Center website at http://www. bellevuecollege.edu/pe/ wellnesscenter/, or contact the Wellness Center director at 425-564-2032.