Eric Swier “Arbitrarium”

By Morgan Hodder.
This week’s showcase art is titled “Arbitrarium,” by Eric Swier. He said it’s like your own place in the universe to go to. He drew this because his friend in English class drew a turkey out of a tracing of his hand. Swier said he has an artist for a mother, and has always been exposed to art. Every day after school, he’d get himself into something artsy. His mom has always inspired art within him, Swier said, but now he looks to Goya and Dali as inspirations for his creations. At home, he said he often practices with an airbrush, but uses whatever other materials are around to create his works. Markers are easily accessible. He even made a picture from dyed macaroni. Swier said he draws whatever comes out of the tip of his marker, and it’s usually a lot of swirls and random shapes. “It was best described in a magazine that I read as