Face-to-face ordering

When it comes to communication, I prefer text and email over everything. I’m too awkward to Facetime or Skype, let alone make a phone call. For no reason whatsoever I get nervous and stumble over my words and just sound like a complete imbecile. Hence the reason why texting is always my main form of communication. Based on the fact that I have a hard time communicating with others, you can imagine my immense disappointment when I found out that my Starbucks finally installed a face-to-face drive through ordering system.
Face-to-face ordering is pretty self-explanatory. While Starbucks employees have always had a camera on the customer previous to this new way of doing things, we now have the ability to see customers in color as well as the customers being able to see us as well. It’s not just a small screen, either. It’s massive and it’s bright and very uncomfortable.
For the most part, all I can come up with is negative aspects of face-to-face ordering. Not only is it awkward for both employees and customers, but it makes the whole experience so much more fake than it already was. When in the drive through, my voice is always much higher than it needs to be, creating the illusion that I’m really pumped that you’re coming to get coffee from me, but in reality, my face is as stoic as can be. Now that customers can both see and hear me, I have to look cheery and bright at all times. Even at four in the morning.
While I have only experience the face-to-face ordering at Starbucks drive through, it makes me nervous for the future. I’m dreading the day when face-to-face ordering becomes the norm, because as a customer, it is completely awkward and uncomfortable.
I’m still getting used to having a face-to-face ordering system, and so are the customers of Kent. To date, I’ve only had three customers who are super stoked about being able to communicate so personally. Everybody else agrees with us baristas that it’s creepy and awkward. A lot of customers don’t even notice that we are on the screen until halfway through their order, which makes it even more weird.
So, if you’re anything like me and can’t stand human interaction – try and avoid any Starbucks drive through as they aim to have all drive through locations outfitted with face-to-face technology by the end of 2016.