Faculty member honored with Award

On June 17, faculty member Ron Radvilas received $10,000 and a medallion as part of the Lockwood Distinguished Faculty award. The $10,000 is in the form of a stipend and the medallion had been specifically commissioned for this special honor.

The award, in its inaugural year, is a designation created and conferred by the College’s Board of Trustees. Faculty members Pauline Christiansen and Marcia Williams were also nominated, having demonstrated exceptional dedication to teaching at Bellevue College.

Jean Floten said that the Lockwood Distinguished Faculty Award was created to, “recognize and reward the teaching and learning excellence of Bellevue College’s most accomplished faculty, and to provide the college-wide acknowledgement this level of achievement merits.”

The award may be given to any faculty in any of the College’s many different disciplines and fields of study. Though available to everyone, there is only an exceptional few that are considered qualified to receive this award and who exude the qualities that the award demands of both its nominees and recipients.

While Radvilas has been recognized for a wide variety of different achievements, his most notable accomplishment consisted of his vision and leadership in creating the College’s first baccalaureate program: a Bachelor of Applied Science in Radiation and Imaging Sciences. While this program is the first of many great steps for the College, his program has also helped the entire region address a shortage of medical professionals in this specific field.

Additionally, Radvilas has worked tirelessly in expanding and continuing to improve the College’s Radiologic Technology associate-degree program, toiling to make room for new students and adding training for new technologies.

Accomplishments aside, Radvilas has demonstrated time and time again his skill and dedication towards his work as an educator. Exerting professionalism, endless encouragement, and compassionate care, he has helped students succeed. And through his students, following in his vision and example, they can make a positive and lasting impact on everyone they help and serve.

Management and selection of the award’s nomination process was done through the staff at the College’s Foundation Office. Staff members Gaynor Hills and Susan Kingsbury-Comeau were responsible for overlooking and stewarding this entire process.

Review and organization of the nominations was overseen by the College’s Foundation Scholarship Chair, the Foundation Executive Director, the Executive Dean, one member of the Board of Trustees, one OUA chosen by the Executive Dean, a faculty member from each academic division (Arts and Humanities, Social Science, Business, Science, Health and Wellness), and one additional faculty member from Counseling or the Library, appointed by the Faculty Association.

Made possible by Board of Trustees Chair Lee Kraft and the Lockwood Foundation, the award will be given biannually for a total of five awards. In keeping with the expectations and standards of the award, the College and foundation hope to find nominees like Radvilas for its future designations, combining such desired qualities as compassion, encouragement, and unparalleled determination.