Fantasy sports: Get your head in the game

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 10.24.07 AMProfessional sports have always been a favorite thing for people to unite around. However, a lot of fans want to take that a step further and become a part of those professional sports. Fantasy sports gives them an excellent solution.
Fantasy sports are online games where fans build teams of their favorite athletes to go ahead against other fantasy managers in a league through a season in order to be the best. It usually starts with a draft where every player in the league is fair game and teams are drafted by managers filled with real professional players. Managers then can add, drop and trade their players in order to make the best roster in their league. The main goal every week is to win their matchup against opponents and have the best record to get into post-season games. The winner of the post-season tournament then becomes the champion of the league.
How are points accumulated through season play? Points are either gotten or lost based on how the athlete performs during games. The better they do, the more points are earned, and if they do poorly,
points are usually lost. The fantasy team with the most points each week wins their matchup. However, there are other fantasy leagues where matchups are based on stats. These leagues depend on a number of different stats that can be accumulated by players and the team that has the most stats in that category wins the category. The team that wins the most categories wins the matchup.
Fantasy leagues are not only a way for fans to follow their sports but they are also a way to connect with other fans and make new friendships with other fans. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have made access to professional athletes easier than they have ever been. This has only helped the growth of fantasy sports as fans can now “follow” and “like” the athletes they have on their teams to keep a closer eye on the athletes. Although, this has led to fans outraging at athletes for bad performances through social media.
Fantasy sports cover close to every sport from football to baseball to golf to basketball. These games are fun ways for fans to get more involved in professional sports and gain friendships with other fans. Fantasy sports are fun for people of all ages and genders while enjoying the same sports people have loved for ages.