Fighting Hunger Pains

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Out of all the things that can be a distraction during a long lecture, hunger is probably the most common. Fortunately, Bellevue College has many ways to beat the hunger pains with a great variety of food choices on campus and off.

To help you get over your cravings, Bellevue College offers food choices ranging from burgers and fries to a simple bagel to tie you over.

If you’re looking for something to munch on, on the way to your next class, there are vending machines in almost every building on campus, in the cafeteria, as well as tasty snack options in the bookstore.

But if spending money on overpriced food during your break between classes doesn’t tickle your taste buds, there are many surrounding restaurants within just four miles of the college to satisfy any craving.

Just down 140th you can find Combo Restaurant which is a mix between American and Chinese food, a QFC with a Starbucks, Fuji Bakery, Tokyo Stop Teriyaki which I have heard is one of the best teriyaki places in the area from quite a few people, and La Tienda if you’re looking for more of an ethnic flavor.

In the opposite direction down 148th and in Eastgate, there are more fast-food places for those of you on the go.

There is the new 148th Café right off campus, and on SE Eastgate Way lays a Dairy Queen, McDonalds, Lil Jon Restaurant and Lounge with is very well known by locals, Starbucks, Subway, Jack in the Box, Tully’s Coffee, India Gate, Garlic Jim’s, Greenwood Chinese Food, and Teriyaki and More.

Also right across the freeway from all that on SE 37th St is a Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Albertsons, Baskin Robins, Outback Steakhouse, Cilantro Cocina Mexicana, and an O’Char.

Lastly, believe it or not the list of great places to eat in the area continues if you go to Factoria Blvd SE which is also across the freeway down behind the college.

To the right is Loehmann’s Plaza which has food from all types of cultures from Japanese food, to American food, to Mexican food.

Also on the right of Factoria Blvd SE there are 12 plus restaurants including Peking Wok and Romios Pizza

Factoria Mall, located to the left of Factoria Blvd SE, also provides people with fast food and family friendly restaurants.

Freshman Tyler Lyon who is already pretty familiar with the area says he “likes to go to Jack in the Box because it’s cheap.”

Similar to Lyon, Anthony Do, a returning student, says he enjoys “Greek Express in Factoria because they’re delicious and it’s not a bad deal.”

Ali Scimeca, another returning student, “loves Romios” because it is “so bomb.”

Hopefully this hela a lot of you get familiar with the food options that actually surround Bellevue College. May your stomachs always be full!