First three days of fall quarter


The first three days of school were very busy with students adjusting to their new classes and schedules. During those first few days of the quarter, students generally have questions and may need some extra guidance. The Campus Activities Board and Associated Student Government were assisting all students with their questions and concerns through their info booth outside of the L Building.

ASG Campus Life and Events Representative Maria Jimenez came to help out at the info tents in between her classes. She jokingly commented on the first few days by saying they “have been very wet, but Monday was really nice.” Jimenez continued, “Some people have come by to get some donuts, tea or coffee and ask questions like ‘Where do I go? Where’s the cafeteria? Where’s the bookstore?’ […] and since we can’t really leave the tents we usually just give specific directions and point in the general direction of where they need to go.” Austin White, ASG justice of external affairs, also said that “most of the questions are about where to go and where is this building, honestly.”

The info tents were also there to inform students about how they can get involved on campus. “We also do a lot of asking questions and letting them know who we are as ASG, and we all introduce ourselves to whoever comes by making sure that they know that we are ASG and we are here whenever they need anything […] it’s also one of the most common questions.” Similarly, White also said that a common question is “What does the student government do?” Jimenez’s response to the questions inquiring about ASG is “making sure students know how to get involved if they want to, telling them what I do as the Campus Life and Events Representative and that students can create their own club, they can come to me for any ideas of any events; they can be a part of student clubs and programs.”

Other frequently asked questions were in regards to transportation. “Luckily our friends from Transportation Services are right beside us, so we direct the students to them if they have any transportation questions or a concern which makes things really convenient,” Jimenez stated.

The info tent station was a useful resource that students could use for the first few days of the quarter. The station was located near the C and L buildings. So far, “it’s been exciting, [with]a lot of good comments like ‘thank you for doing this,’” Jimenez remarked.

Ayah Idris, a student, said that so far “Bellevue College has exceeded all expectations. The atmosphere alone is welcoming and cheerful. All in all, my first week has been a great and promising start.”