Flashback: Missing the 90’s

The unforgettable 90's classic, "Clueless" (SOURCE:http://i.neoseeker.com)
The unforgettable 90's classic, "Clueless" (SOURCE:http://i.neoseeker.com)


Get your baggy jeans, wear your baseball caps backwards, put on tie dyed shirts, and turn your Walkmans on.


Put on your jelly sandals, open your ring pops, and throw on some Crop tops so everyone can see your mid drift.

I’m talking about the 90’s, dude.

When every other movie was about high school romance.

When the Eastcoast and Westcoast engaged in a hate-hate relationship.

When Barney hypnotized children into believing that there are purple dinosaurs, and everyone was “Clueless” to why boy bands were so successful.

The 90’s was a great decade. Of course, everything that came out of it wasn’t pure gold, but it served it’s purpose. To make creative cartoons, memorable movies, and sucessful sitcoms.


“The Rugrats”

Main players:




Phil and Lil

No one can deny babies who are plotting an escape from their cribs, especially since they are always successful. We grew up with Tommy Pickles and his dog Spike,we obsessed over his dinosaur named Reptar, and we all hated one girl: Angelica.

“Hey Arnold”

Main players:




Yes, he has a football head, and yes, he always wears a tiny hat. Arnold and his friend Gerald were always getting into and out of adventures. Even when Helga (the girl who constantly bullies Arnold only because is madly in love with him) tries to bring Arny down, he never gave in. TAKE THAT, BULLIES!


Main players:

Doug AKA Quail man

Patty Mayonnaise


Lesson learned from watching doug: you can wear your underwear over your jeans and still be cool. Cool is who you are, not what you wear.

Others worth honorable mention:

“Courage the cowardly dog”

“Rocko’s modern life”


“Clueless”: The valley girl biopic of the century. This movie is a classic, with Alicia Silverstone heading the cast and a young, charming Paul Rudd making one of his first debuts.

Lesson learned: Love isn’t necessarily found in a Louie Vuitton bag.

“10 Things I Hate About You”: A modern version of our favorite dead guy Shakespeare’s “Taming of the shrew”. It showcased Julia Stiles’ ability to be a prude and Heath Ledger’s ability to be hot, except the latter didn’t take much.

“Titanic”: Celin Dion was on replay for months after this movie debuted. Everyone wanted to find their Jack and that gorgeous diamond necklace.

Lesson Learned: Always look out for glaciers and have a life jacket if you are on any boat. You never know when you might just go down.

Others worth honorable mention:

“The Matrix”

“Good Will Hunting”