Fox News is not news

Fox News provides inaccurate facts, completely biased and skewed information which inspires hate. The stigma surrounding this media outlet is gradually increasing, leading to the destruction of the news agency’s reputation.

Among the many offensive crimes Fox is guilty of, the simplest is its continuous telling of lies. Anchors, guests and commentators make statements and mention studies that are simply false.

For example, former news anchor Dick Morris tried to discredit Obama’s re-election by saying that, “A North Carolina study proves that ‘probably over a million people voted twice in (the 2012) election.’”

In reality, this report was a small part of  a presentation that concluded only 765 voters in the state of North Carolina matched the identity of someone who had voted in another state. This fact was completely exaggerated and, of course, went unchallenged.

This strong conservative bias from Fox inspires all types of anti-liberal and bigoted conversation.

In Jan. 2014, Fox News publicly apologized after receiving heated backlash for publicizing and going along with false information a guest had provided. Guest Steve Emerson explicitly stated that Birmingham, England is populated by only Muslims and non-Muslims simply are not allowed in.

Journalism requires both the reporting of news and the critical questioning of information. Rather than doing this, Sean Hannity, a Fox news anchor,  broadened these no-go zones to France and other European countries. Hannity claimed these “no-go zones” were being  governed by Shariah Law instead of the law of the country.

The fabrication of news and evidence shows how detrimental it would be to consider Fox a news agency. The network habitually lies and creates issues where there are none.
Fox News is constantly increasing its viewership because it promotes scandals. Bill O’Reilly’s ratings jumped 30 percent when he was accused of sexually assaulting his coworker.

Fox has three kinds of viewers, conservative individuals who use Fox as a news source, individuals who don’t believe Fox but use it as a means of entertainment, and the third who are innocent and are just surfing TV or the Internet for new stories. For the third group, a majority of the so called news they are receiving is inaccurate and the language used is meant to convince them of a certain bias.

Many are unaware of the effects Fox News actually has on society. Not only are they brainwashing and instilling a singular viewpoint, they are also inspiring hate.  On numerous occasions, Fox anchors have made inappropriate comments regarding immigrants, Muslims and many other minorities.

On numerous occasions, racist comments directed towards African-Americans have been made. A Fox news commentator, Eric Bolling has acccused Obama of  vacationing in Ireland while tornadoes were  ravaging Missouri, and also accused Obama of “hosting a hoodlum in the hizzouse,” in reference to Obama’s hosting the president of Gabon.
While these comments are arguably miniscule they can deeply invoke hate or pain within viewers.

In 2012, Randolph Linn of St. Joseph, IN. plead guilty to the arson of the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo. He was drunk and riled up watching Fox News. When the Judge asked him if he knew any Muslims personally, he stated that the only information he knew about Muslims was from Fox News and radio.

After watching Fox News, Linn believed that most Muslims are terrorists. After hearing complete lies like “Birmingham is all Muslim and religious London police beat those in the wrong clothes,” I would understand why someone would feel passionate to stand up against this alleged injustice. Unfortunately, based on these appalling fabrications people are irrationally persecuting others, ironically in the name of justice.

No matter the topic, Fox News is always able to create heated arguments without any   foundation. Even regarding global warming, Fox News anchor Sean Hannity continues to deny its existence and antagonizes guest scientists for their views. Important global updates like a famine in Somalia and genocide in the Middle East go on the back burner because Fox does not propose any plans of reform, rather they only attack other view points.

Fox News should not be considered a credible news source.