Generation of science and technology: “Twitter–world news in 140 characters or less”

While live-tweeting football games and awards shows has proven to be annoying as hell, Twitter truly has brought something new to the table. With its growing popularity over the last few years, it has given the chance for anybody with a computer or a smartphone to be a news medium.

Almost all news sources, news anchors, and police departments have official Twitter accounts. With these, those who are active on Twitter get news literally up to the minute, sometimes before it’s even broadcasted on television. Believe it or not, Twitter is revolutionizing the way we receive news.

One of the events that shocked the nation that hit Twitter almost instantly was the Boston bombing. Truth be told, I was in class when the bombings happened, and I found out via Twitter. I can say that I’m thankful for Twitter in these situations, so I know when something as massive as the Boston bombings occur. During the hunt for the Boston bombing suspect, the Boston police actually tweeted out to its followers and asked people to stop tweeting information they had heard on the police scanner, for fear that the suspect knew what going on thanks to everyone releasing information. With Twitter, people are able to get these kinds of important updates.

In addition to being able to receive world scale news and local news almost the second it happens, Twitter enables anybody to be a source of news. If you’re on the scene of a bank robbery, or you just witnessed something like the Boston bombings, if you choose to live-tweet what’s happening, you are a source of news. You are someone that people are going to look to for information. You are, with a little leeway, a news source.

Another upside to Twitter is that it definitely appeals to the younger generation. I, being 19, have had a Twitter account for at least four years now. When I first made my account, I wasn’t smart enough to go out and follow news sources. I went out and followed my friends and Taylor Swift’s account. But, within the last year or so, I’ve realized just how convenient it is to learn about these news stories, small and big, before all my friends and family. Even on smaller scales, by following all of the local news channels, I’m always up to date on traffic situations and weather updates. If you’re one of those people who despise social media and can’t stand when people live-tweet their meals, then making a twitter just for the sake of being able to keep up on the news is always an option. Believe me, it’s beneficial.