Getting high in the U.S.A


I hopped off a plane at LAX with a bong in my cardigan. Welcome to the land of drugs and sex (whoa), am I gonna fit in? Jumped in the cab, I’m high for the first time. Look to my right, I see a salvia sign.

Miley Cryus is no different from me and you. She’s just a teen growing up. Everyone is looking down at Miley for the recently released tape of her smoking salvia out of a water bong. I’m not a fan, I find her acting horrific and her songs a little too pop for my liking but I know that the public judging her is wrong.

First, the video was taped inside her home. She wasn’t smoking at McDonald’s or inside a mall—she was smoking inside the comfort of her home where everything SHOULD be private. Second, she was with a big group of friends. If she were to pass out and/or overdose there would have been people to take care of her. Third, she’s 18. She’s allowed to do what she wants. Salvia is a legal drug. It would be a different story if she was caught “hitting the slopes” aka snorting cocaine.

She’s rich, she’s pretty, she’s a teen star—but she’s still human. She can smoke a legal drug if she wants to. If she wants to have a good time using salvia, then she can!

Watch Miley Cyrus Tripping

The other day I heard, “But she’s signed under a legal contract to not do drugs.” I’ve never heard of that. And isn’t her Hannah Montana career over? Yeah, the last time I checked, she was long done with it.

It’s clear that Miley is growing up. We all saw that in her latest video “Who Owns my Heart.” Let her be. Then I hear, “she’s going to end up like Lindsay Lohan.” Excuse me, but why do you care? I’m 100% sure that you have issues of your own to deal with. If you’re just perfect, then go volunteer—channel your attention and energy towards doing something positive.

Just because you talk smack about Miley doesn’t mean she’s going to stop. If you’re a fan and you were disappointed, then it’s time for you to grow up. I doubt she will care what you think.

Not only that but there are more important things in the world happening. Did you know that the UN just recently voted to accept execution of gays? STOP THE PRESS, MILEY CYRUS, TEEN STAR IS CAUGHT SMOKING. Seriously?

Hey, if Miley was in her Hannah disguise, no one would have known it was her!