Getting music through myspace

Before the Internet, if a person wanted to start a band, it required extensive promotion, numerous auditions, and a lot of luck. Today, creating your own band is simply a click away on

In the “music” section of Myspace, any aspiring musician can upload their tunes and distribute it to the public. This is exactly how ShyforShy, a band originally from Seattle, got their big break.

For about a year, ShyforShy have been an unsigned rock/indie/alternative band. However, with an indie label lined up for the future and a big move to Dallas, Texas, the long road to becoming famous is getting shorter and shorter.

“This place is a super central location and is a better spot to tour from and really spread our music to a bigger audience,” said lead guitarist Caleb Connaway.

So, how does simply having a Myspace music account make you a star? Well, fans are not the only ones that view bands and artists on the social networking site. Record companies are always looking for the next big deal.

“Shiny Toy Guns made it huge on Myspace. They were really the first band to get hundreds of thousands of friends on Myspace.”

But make sure your band’s page looks legit.

“I know for sure that record labels, and even just kids looking at your band, still look at your views and plays, and the aesthetics of your page when first checking you out, though” said Connaway.

The free promotion is also a plus.

“We have met tons of people, booked tons of shows and shown a crazy amount of people our music without having to spend much money at all. People love being able to be a part of a band’s rise to success and Myspace gives them that opportunity,” said Connaway.

Although the website has contributed to music in a great way, there are still some drawbacks.

“It’s a hard way to promote your band because you’re in a huge pool of beginning artists, and it’s only one way to promote your music” said Sarah Bukantz, a student of the College.

The popularity of the music section is not a new thing, however.

“Myspace is so over-saturated that you are now seeing people not add you at all or clicking the spam button when you add them without even listening to your music” said Connaway.

One can imagine that maintaining a website is low on a band’s list of priorities. ShyforShy doesn’t have that attitude, though.

“A lot of artists would consider it a great burden off their shoulders if they didn’t have to run their own Myspace. We are not really one of those bands, we love having a community with our fans! A person I really admire in this area is Taylor Swift of all people. [Laughs] She will not let her label take it over, and she gets on it to talk to people every single day, no matter what” said Connaway.

ShyforShy has been working hard on their debut EP (extended playing phonograph) and is planning on returning to Seattle to play at El Corazon with Danger Radio on May 23, 2009. Plans for a tour are in the near future.