Going the extra mile for love

Everyone says long distance relationships are a dead end and have no chance of working out.

This seems like a cynical approach to a lifestyle that can only help you grow as a person and create a solid relationship.

For some, breaking up may be the only option when you have to move away from your boyfriend or girlfriend; but it’s definitely not the only option.

If you’ve already built a strong relationship of trust and love, you have the basics of making the dreaded long distance relationship something that will work.

Ok—it sounds really cheesy and something out of a romantic self-help book—but it’s true.

Trust is the first key to opening the door to a long distance relationship—or any relationship for that matter.

You can’t think that every girl your significant other is studying or hanging out with is batting her eyelashes, or making moves to steal your boyfriend.

You also have to trust that your man or woman isn’t jumping at every chance to hook up with the “next best thing.”

You must have confidence, not only in your relationship, but also in yourself, to know they are not going to cheat on you. If they haven’t cheated on you already, why create unnecessary problems and tension from something that hasn’t happened?

If you have a healthy, happy relationship there is no reason to have trust or doubt issues. Your relationship can handle a few hundred or thousand miles between it.

Love is another component every relationship needs to survive because as we all know it “conquers all.” Love is what’s going to keep you and your boy or girl together and happy. From love, stems understanding, patience and motivation to make your connection survive the distance. 

In this day and age, technology brings people together and also keeps them together. With the Internet and cell phones, there is no reason you can’t stay connected—except maybe bad service.

With free web video chatting (Skype), Facebook, Myspace and instant messaging, the Internet keeps you in touch with your significant other easily. Web cams are cheap and video chatting is free, so you will never forget what your boyfriend or girlfriend looks like. It’s like they never left! Well not really, but you get the point. It’s easy and fun to stay connected with all the new technology offered.

Love, trust, and technology—what’s missing? When learning the basics of surviving a long distance relationship, you need to keep a calm, rational mind and maintain sanity.

Long distance doesn’t mean forever and keeping this notion in mind will keep you sane for the time being. It’s hard, but you have to be patient. While being reasonably minded, you also need to realize that certain traits aren’t fit for long distance relationships.

You can’t be the type of person who constantly needs attention from someone closer than a friend. Surround yourself with people who will support your relationship.

Long distance relationships are tough and the beginning is the hardest part.

Keep your mind busy and realize crying is totally normal (to a certain extent).

There’s only two ways your relationship can end: either in a break up or an eventual reunion with someone that you’ve built a solid, lasting relationship.