Hair psychic: Know your hair strands

The queen of hair whipping (SOURCE:
The queen of hair whipping (SOURCE:

Your luscious locks, that mop that won’t stop, the mane that needs brushing from the bottom to the top.

I’m talking hair, man.

From hair icons Justin Bieber to Willow Smith, the debate goes on.

Everyone’s style, color, and cut says something about them. It’s time to find out how you are defined in the hair dictionary:

Many people related hair color to certain characteristics. Regardless of the accuracy of these attributes, we are always looking for a way to categorize ourselves.

Red: (Red hot is too hot to trot)

Postive attributes: You are oozing sex appeal from your hair to your toes.

Negative: People may think your hotness is followed by a fiery temper. RED MEANS HOT.

Random fact for you day walkers: Only 2%-5% of the population is naturally born with red hair.

Celebrity: Rupert Grint

Black: (Black magic wo/man)

Positive: You are mysterious, dangerous, and exotic.

Negative: Darker hair is associated with rudeness.

Random fact: Highlights any imperfections on your face for the contrast of hair to skin color, so call ProActive today.

Celebrity: Megan Fox

Brown: (Chocolate brown gets the crown)

Positive: You are the smart, responsible type.

Negative: You could be easily defined as the brown noser — the goodie goodie that will throw anyone under the bus.

Random fact: The simple brown can get boring. Spice it up with some highlights or a fresh cut.

Celebrity: Natalie Portman

Blonde: (Blonde bombshell)

Positive: Blonde stands out, so you do get more attention.

Negative: Blondes can be seen as high-maintenance, air heads, and at times aren’t taken seriously.

Random fact: According to, “The average blonde-haired scalp has 120,000 hairs. Brown and black-haired scalps have 100,000, while redheads have only 80,000 hairs on their scalps. So the next time you want to find out if someone is a natural blonde, try counting the hairs on their head!”

Celebrity: Blake Lively

Just remember that you are more than your hair. If at any time you feel you are being stereotyped by the color of your hair, change it. It’s only a hair salon visit away.

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