Health and Beauty: Benefits of facial masks and scrubs

As a way to treat yourself and your skin after finals, try these at-home face mask and scrub recipes to help combat the effects of stress. All the ingredients can be easily found in a nearby supermarket and the masks should take little effort to create.

A lemon sugar scrub is great for acne breakouts or for people who suffer from regular acne. All that is needed is sugar, a lemon and some cotton pads. For those with more sensitive skin, try using baker’s sugar instead of regular granulated sugar because it is finer and will not be as harsh.

First, soak a cotton pad in lemon juice, then pat the soaked cotton pad into sugar. Over a counter or sink, scrub the face. It also makes a tasty yet effective lip scrub. It should feel nice, but if there is a burning feeling, then stop right away. Try diluting the lemon juice with water. Scrub for no more than two minutes. After scrubbing, rinse the face with water.

The acid in the lemon juice helps kill off bacteria, slough off dead skin cells and helps promote cell turnover which makes the skin feel incredibly soft. Sugar is a natural scrubbing agent that is used in many scrubs. The skin may be a little red afterwards, but that is normal and it will go away eventually. Finish off with a face moisturizer to help preserve the softness.

A peaches and cream face mask is great for those with dry, sensitive or sunburnt skin and is amazing for dealing with living in a city with lots of pollution. Cut a ripe peach into quarters. Remove the skin from one of those pieces and then mash it in a bowl with a fork. Next, add a tablespoon of whipped cream and mix well until it is an even consistency. If unsure about using whipped cream or do not have any around, plain unflavored yogurt works just as well.

Apply the mask to the face with the back of a spoon. This will help put a generous amount of it on the face, which is desired. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes. Once time is up, rinse the mask off with lukewarm water and pat the skin dry. Then carry on with normal skin care routine.

Peaches are full of antioxidants, which help regenerate the skin, increase elasticity, keep the skin looking firm and is very hydrating. Whipped cream contains lactic acids that are nourishing for the skin, have anti-aging properties, gently exfoliate the skin, fade dark spots and brighten complexions.

I got these recipes from Kandee Johnson and Lindy Tsang, also known as BubzBeauty, and have personally used them. For those who are curious if these at-home recipes actually work, I can personally say they do, but keep in mind everyone’s skin is different. Have a wonderful spring break.