Health and Beauty: How to take care of yourself while sick

Janina Loos

It’s that time of year again: everyone is getting sick and catching colds. Once you yourself get sick, it is time to accept that a sick day is necessary. I have tips passed down from a few generations of my family who have been or are still in the medical field that will help guide you taking care of yourself when you are sick.

Sleep. Sleep is the body’s way of recharging. When sick, a body needs a lot more sleep to help recover. Sleep out that cold and do not be ashamed about it. Also, while unconscious, that gross sick feeling that feels like hell is encased inside your body is gone for a bit.
Drink water and stay hydrated. When not feeling well, people tend to not eat and drink enough. The body becomes dehydrated and dehydration makes a cold feel even worse. Also, water helps flush out toxins in the body. There’s more to hydration than just drinking water, vital electrolytes are also lost during sickness.

Eat healthy. If feeling stable enough (or you’re starving), then eat. For upset stomachs, stick to dry foods like bread and cereal, and just drink water. For everything else, eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables for their vitamins. If you are lucky enough to still live at home and have someone in the house to make homemade noodle soup, now is the time to take advantage of that.

Take a “sick bath.” In Germanic countries, there is this thing called “Erkältungsbad” (which translates directly to “sick bath”), which is a cold-relief oil you add to a hot bath. They are great for sweating out toxins. However it is very hard to find here in the states, so I did some digging and experimenting and found a recipe for a “Detox Bath” that does the same thing as Erkältungsbad. The recipe is posted on The Watchdog’s Facebook page.

Tea is always helpful for colds and sore throats. Chamomile and lemon tea work wonders, but the best tea for colds is the classic honey, lemon and ginger tea. Boil water, cut a few slices or two (depending on your tolerance) of ginger, and add as much lemon and honey to a mug as your tasting desires. If fresh ginger is unattainable, add a dash of ground ginger and stir well. It will taste different, but still good. The ginger is good for noxious feelings and the vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system. Anything with honey helps sooth and helps lessen the intensity of coughs.

Lastly, everyone says it, but please stay at home. It benefits everyone: staying home will help you recover faster and your day to day acquaintances can stay that much healthier. Use this couch or bed time to catch up on TV series, watch a movie or just stare off into the distance. Do not worry about school or work. That can wait for tomorrow. Recover and rest up now.
Feel better, and have the fastest of recoveries.