Health and Beauty: Makeup and its removal

Those who wear makeup know the irritating process of removing it. By the end of the night, we may be too tired or do not care enough about washing our faces and we just go to bed with our ‘face’ still on. Or even just after a long day when your face may be just covered in dirt, sweat, or even its own natural oil. It does not matter how late it is or how exhausted you are, one should not go to bed with a dirty face or with makeup still on.

During sleep, pores open up so all the makeup, dirt or sweat that is on your face is basically sucked into the pores. This leads to all types of pimples (white heads, black heads) ingrown hairs, allergic reactions and even rashes, especially for people with sensitive skin.

Left over mascara and eye makeup will do more than just stain a pillow case and leave you with raccoon eyes in the morning. Leaving it on overnight can lead to eye infections, discoloration, allergic reactions and even puffy eyes upon waking up.

Washing one’s face not only just feels clean, but helps promote cellular renewal by removing dead skin cells. In other words, keep your face clean and it will help make your face look less dull and help achieve the look of smoother skin.

Proper face washing does not mean splashing it with some water and that’s it. Washing a face properly takes some effort but it is still easy.

For removing makeup, the cosmetics market has made it more than easy to find a product, with more than enough cleansing waters, oils, makeup removing wipes and pads to choose from. However, which one is the best to use at an affordable price?

For heavy or a lot makeup, first use a makeup removing wipe to get the majority of it off. Or use a facial cleanser that specifically says that it removes makeup. Read the back of the bottle. If it does not say it removes makeup, then it will not properly remove makeup.

For removing eye makeup, it is best to use specific eye makeup removers because the eye is a lot more sensitive to removal than the rest of the face. Use removers that have the double oil, like the ones that require to be shaken together to use. These types of removers help break down the makeup product and make removal a breeze. If a makeup remover does not have the two oils that need to be shaken together, most likely it has alcohol it in, which does not remove makeup very well, and can burn, irritate and dry the eyes. Not fun.

For cheap and homemade eye makeup removers that actually work, check out the recipes over on The Watchdog’s Facebook page.

For normal facial cleansing involving little to no makeup, use whatever cleanser that suits you. For the acne prone, use an acne wash. For those with sensitive or dry skin, find a cleanser that is specific for that skin type.