Health IT and science program grants

Bellevue College has been the home to great advancements in college education as well as a place for determined students to thrive. In sports, academics, and student programs, we are starting to grasp victory more. The academic expansion in progress couldn’t be more real.

There has been an advantageous development brewing in the BC science division. Bellevue College can now blush a little more because the science department has been awarded a number of grants over the last few months accumulatively worth 550,000 dollars. These blessings have been the result of the groundbreaking research program called CONGEM (Community College Genomics Research Initiative), brought to you by none other its creator, Biology instructor Gita Bangera. Out of many things studied CONGEM will be researching the genome of various bacterium that fights a type of wheat fungus. This research will not only help students enrich their learning experiences but could make major breakthroughs in the name of science. Hold up your torches Bellevue scholars, because things are about to get even brighter.

One of the fastest growing career fields lies in Health IT. As a result, demand for workers who can implement and maintain the computerization of health records is growing significantly. According to estimates by the American Medical Informatics Association, it will take as many as 200,000 workers to satisfy the projected job market demand.

The U.S. Department of Labor announced that Bellevue College has received an $11.8 million grant under the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) program to provide training in Health Information Technology for veterans and dislocated workers. It is the largest single grant the BC has received.

The science and health IT programs here are as potent as a Lamborghini howling through the vacant heavens. The BC program has received respect and regard from various state universities. The University of Washington has frequently advised students to come to BC for pre-requisite classes vital to preparing for graduate science programs and professional schools. Bellevue College is regarded as one of the best centers for these tailored majors and career paths.

CONGEM has enabled BC to the entitlement to state-of-the-art equipment and research labs in order to keep students at the top of their game. BC has accomplished much since the departure from being regarded as a community college. Future science students will be able to earn their Applied Science Bachelor’s degree in Biological and Environmental Technology.

Science advisor Sandra Walkenhorst mentioned her thoughts on student’s motivation to carry through their degrees in light of the improved science programs. “ I have seen many student who have taken Gita Bangera’s Biology 275 and 276 Genetics research classes say that their experience there helped them to find what they wanted to major in or what they wanted to do in their careers”.

Along with CONGEM, these grants will be open huge doors for students who are pursuing STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) degrees. Many gifted minds will be given the opportunity fly beyond their expectations. New resources at Bellevue College could be the shining beacons that single mothers, hardworking parents, and honorable veterans are looking for.

“The science division at Bellevue College keeps getting better and better,” Sandra Walkenhorst proclaimed. With a massive grant and hard work from students, advisors, and instructors, it’s no wonder that every student can have the potential to grab their education by the horns and rise like blazing phoenix.