Hey Jindal, stop playing dirty

Bobby Jindal, the up and coming Republican governor of Louisiana, recently defended members of his party who say they want Obama to fail.

These opposers claim the president is jeopardizing the country with his policies.

Well, if Obama’s policies were wrong, that would be the definition of failure for a president. Vis-a-vis, if you want the President to fail, that means you want the President to have poor policies.

Now, I like to view myself as an Independent.

However, I feel this stand is just the latest in desperate hate mongering by the far right.

Jindal, who is quickly becoming the face of the party, is basically saying that it’s fine to want the President to have poor policies. This is simply not the reasoning that this country needs right now, especially not from emerging big players in
the political game. I find these to be un-American comments, which are flat out unacceptable and inexcusable from a man in Jindal’s position.

The extreme Republicans are desperate for Obama to fail, and for good reason. If Obama is able to clean up the mess left behind by the previous administration, we may not see another Republican in the White House for a couple decades.

The Republicans pride themselves -and base entire campaigns- on the idea of fiscal responsibility. However, the previous administration, right or wrong, is currently seen as the biggest reason for our current economic disaster.

If Barack Obama, someone they’ve derided as an inexperienced community organizer, can fix this mess, he’ll be beating the Republicans at their own game. If that’s the case, the Republicans can nominate Jesus if they want to, and he won’t capture the Electoral College.

Now, I myself am undecided on Barack Obama. I think he’s starting to head in the right direction, despite the fact that his cabinet picks thus far have been so shady that I’m expecting him to announce Pacman Jones as an ambassador any day now.

However, that doesn’t excuse the premature criticism and scrutiny he’s receiving. The stock market seems to be bouncing back little chunks at a time, so something in the economy’s starting to work at least.

How about reaching across the political aisle, which is something Obama hasn’t done despite running a campaign based on it, congratulate Obama on what he’s done so far, and try to build a better economy together?

You’d earn my support faster that way than you would sitting on the side pulling the same old political sniping.