High school students tour BC

College Access Now is a program that works with students who were not originally considering college and tries to introduce them to the idea to see if they change their minds.

Hiba Farag, student employee for the Peer-to-Peer program at Bellevue College, helped host a tour of the campus for Monroe High School students who wanted to see Bellevue College. At the start of the tour, Farag ran an introductory session with the students where she introduced herself and had the others do the same, and share her what they want to do. With this information, Farag was able to organize the tour in a fashion where they would prioritize places that would be useful to the students’ particular interests.

Farag explained that because it was spring, people were hanging around outside and that helped the overall campus appeal to the high school students. Other areas they expressed interests in were the Student Programs section of the C building, the bookstore, the library along with the fact that each student gets $15 credit per quarter for printing out papers, the Academic Success Center and the cafeteria.