Hiromi Uehara Graces Seattle with Her Virtuosic Jazz Tunes

Fumiko Nishioka/STAFF WRITER
Fumiko Nishioka/STAFF WRITER

Hiromi Uehara, the virtuosic jazz pianist from Japan dominated the space at the Jazz Alley in Seattle. When the great pianist met genius bassist Stanley Clarke with his band members, the music became alive to surprise the audience.

The jazz night started with fine relaxing bass sounds and smooth drum beats. The bassist, Clarke, created the melody with his  bass technique and created the flow of the song. Uehara was playing the piano with her shoulders waving along with the nice beats.

Clarke looked at Uehara and smiled at her, and the next moment, the audience witnessed Uehara’s genius. She stood up all of a sudden and started playing the piano virtuously. Everybody in the room focused on her performance.

She had the perfect technique that was like Chopin’s Scherzo. It was just amazing to hear the beautiful discordant sounds that she hammered out. Her left hand created some dissonance for sure; however, her right hand wrote fabulous melodies beyond all imagination.

Uehara looked like she was dancing with her piano and put her soul into her piano lines. At the same time, her innocent, calm, and cheerful smile just caught the audience’s eyes during her solo.

After her first solo, everyone’s attention focused on Uehara, with their eyes showing the high expectations of her glamorous piano lines.

The piano stroked the melodious sour notes and became her mouth to air out her soul. The piano was part of her body to describe herself.

The great music hit the sensitive emotional sounds that she wrote in her head without actually looking at the keyboard. If you see her face while she is performing, you could tell how she loves to play the piano.

The atmosphere was not something too precise but had superb venerability.

A jazz composer and pianist, Uehara started to play the piano at the age six.

Chick Corea found her talent when he went to Tokyo for his performance and invited her to play together at his last show during the tour.