How do I love thee, let me count the dollars.


We all love to buy gifts for our significant others for Valentine’s Day but these celebrities truly spare no expense.

Jake Gyllenhaal reportedly purchased a $7000 guitar for one time girlfriend Taylor Swift. According to reports Swift saw the guitar in a little store frequented by top musicians. The guitar, signed by country music legend Chet Atkins was a gift for Swift’s 21st birthday. Better than a bottle of tequila!

Last year California Girl Katy Perry decided to buy her beau Russell Brand a gift unlike anything he’s gotten before. A lilac-colored custom Bentley Brookland estimated at possibly more than $300,000. But the pop star didn’t just drop the cash on a whim. According to sources she spent weeks talking to Russell’s friends and the dealership to make sure the car was a perfect fit. Seems like Katy Perry can get a guy’s engine going in more ways than one. Vroom vroom.

But Katy Perry’s gift doesn’t hold a candle to Jay-Z’s $2,000,000 sports car, a Bugatti Grand Sport that Beyonce purchased for his birthday. The Bugatti is lauded as the most expensive car in the world. Nice curves. The car isn’t too shabby either.

Before cars and guitars Pharaoh King Tut was gifted a small golden shrine by his wife Ankhesenamon. The shrine depicted the couple in a series of domestic scenes and the priceless work of art was discovered with him in his tomb.

Not all gifts can be wrapped with a bow. Back in 1661 Charles II of England was given the North African town of Tangier as part of a wedding dowry when he married Catherine of Braganza.

A town of your own would probably be nice but some people may prefer something a little smaller. A few years ago billionaire Vladislav Doronin purchased an $18.5 million dollar apartment in Brazil for super model Naomi Campbell.

You don’t have to be an actor or pop star to give your loved one something nice. But it helps if you have a royal family. Prince William gave Princess to be Kate Middleton his mother’s famous engagement ring when he popped the question last year.

Some say the last gift on this list is the embodiment of love. It is said to be one of the most beautiful monuments in the world and it was not given to a new bride, or as a birthday present. It was given to a dying woman. The Taj Mahal was created by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife, queen Mumtaz Maha. In her dying days she asked to be given a mausoleum more beautiful than any other in existence. It took twenty-two years for the Taj Mahal to be completed and to this day it stands, receiving two to four million visitors every year. The Taj Mahal stands a true testament to a man’s devotion to a loving wife.

While most of us can’t buy million dollar cars or erect marble palaces for our loved ones, we can show them just how much they mean to us with a kiss, a touch or loving words. In closing I leave you with a quote: Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get–only with what you are expecting to give–which is everything. — Katharine Hepburn