How To Start Summer Quarter Off Right

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So it’s summer, the sun is shining (most of the time), the birds are chirping and it’s time to finally relax and enjoy time away from school. Well, if you’re reading this you obviously are not enjoying the relaxation anymore and are back in school for summer quarter.

Summer break was way too short, but you mustn’t dwell on this; realize that you have to get out of summer party mode and back into study party mode.

You have to start the quarter off right and keep all those goals you make at the start of each quarter in check, and it all starts with a little self-control.

Now that we’re not in high school anymore, summer school is something we have to man up and take in order to get the credits we need to transfer or get a degree. At the start of summer quarter we can’t just think that because the sun is shining, ditching class is not a big deal. Once you miss one or two classes, that’s it for those credits.

As a responsible college student you need to get your priorities straight and exercise some much-needed self-control. No matter how many of your friends beg you to skip class and go shopping, to the lake, or camping, you need to be strong enough to say no. Just think back to your DARE drug days in elementary school when you were first taught to say no and use that lesson.

You won’t be able to party every night and stay up late and you’ll have to wait till August to take a vacation, but in the end it’ll all be worth it when you transfer to your dream school or graduate BC with honors.

You can’t go into summer quarter thinking it’s just an easy six weeks of school, because news flash people, it isn’t. You’re paying a thousand dollars to get a higher education to go towards your degree or graduation and just because it’s summer, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy.

This is the reality of the situation: it’s going to be twice as hard to get out of bed every morning, do your homework every night, and study for tests and midterms. The thing to do is to just treat it like any other quarter. Don’t think about how many people are just bumming it at home and sleeping in while you’re stuck in an enclosed classroom learning geography or getting English credit.

The best thing to do is to approach this quarter with a positive attitude and a hunger to learn!

Maybe try out some new organizing techniques that you don’t usually use to keep you extra focused. Try buying a calendar for your room and a day planner to ensure you always have extra time to do the summer activities that you’ve been waiting to do all year.

Organize and clean your room as well, because your home life will translate to your school life. If you’re all scattered at home, things will get misplaced and additional stress will be put on you that you really don’t need.

Also, try studying and doing homework outside. Any chance you get to enjoy the weather when it is actually nice you should take right away. And you can totally multitask by getting a tan (if it’s possible) while you write a paper or study for a test. Seize every opportunity to get outside and still enjoy summer to the fullest.

This summer can still be relaxing and fun even if you will be stuck in a classroom for some of it.