Huge signings for Seahawks spell free agent success

Seahawks_stadiumThe Seahawks have not made any huge moves to bring in talent from other teams, yet they seem to have had one of the best free agencies in the NFL. While they re- signed free agents like DE Michael Bennett and TE Zach Miller, there were two recent signings that showed why the Seahawks won this free agent period.

The first chronologically was the re-signing of Pro Bowl FS Earl Thomas. Thomas signed a deal that is worth

$40 million over the course of four years. This move locked up their star safety for four more years and shows their solid dedication to being one of the best defenses in the NFL. Thomas, who was a top candidate for NFC Defensive Player of the Year last season comes back to Seattle to keep his defensive campaign going. This deal makes Earl Thomas the highest paid safety in the NFL. This was a smart move by the Seahawks, because they locked up one member of their famous “Legion of Boom,” which is the main reason for their stellar defense. Thomas’s signing meant a lot of good things for the Seahawks organization, and keeping him here one of the most important moves the Seahawks could have made this off-season.

The next big signing was the re-signing of Pro Bowl CB Richard Sherman. Sherman signed an even biggerdealthanThomas, getting a $56 million contract extension over four years to be the highest paid CB in the NFL. Sherman, best known for his trash talking, amazing level of play and the tip he had in the NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers, is another key member of the “Legion of Boom” and claims himself to be the best CB in the game. However, that title is considered to be true by many football fans because of his high level of play. This was another smart move by the Seahawks, because they lock up “The Shut Down Corner” for another four years while preserving the “Legion of Boom”of most of its original members. Sherman is a big face for the organization that people recognize. Sherman’s deal is a strong sign that the Seahawks are ready to win another championship and are willing to keep with their star players.

While the Seahawks have not brought in any new big names, they still have had one of the most productive off-seasons in the NFL. The signings of Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman boast the fact that the Seahawks have one of the best defenses in all of football. With the new contacts in hand for these star players, the Seahawks are ready to defend the Lombardi Trophy and start an NFL dynasty.