I’m fed up with the service in society

I understand that the economy is effecting how people spend money and how business go about on cutting back, but everywhere I go it seems the important matters are being cut.

Its summer, and I just got back from vacation; and the economy changes have really affected the experience of my trip.

From the airlines, to hotel, to restaurants and small shops; it is starting to get more than annoying.

With workplaces cutting back, less business companies are sending people out, and hardly anyone has money for leisure trips; causing the airlines to cut back on employees, movies, meals, blankets, even the beverages.

I can handle not having the movies while I fly, and I understand that the blankets are not considered a necessity, especially since most people probably steal them anyway, but hearing the pilot announce that come soon all beverages will be priced.

I mean the one thing that made sense about flying was that at least you could grab a soda, or juice with out having to dig for change. First we have the new cost of checking a bag, next the drinks, soon it will be more expensive for a window or aisle seat!

I am under the impression that some cut-backs made by companies are the wrong ones, such as with the airlines; they are losing business so in order to fill the seats they should be throwing deals and packing the times so that each plane has a higher occupancy.

I work at a hotel and I feel the same way about our cut backs, the fact that hours are based off of occupancy seems reasonable, except when there are only enough hours to give for the absolute minimum staff and that is not enough to cover a guest and the required work to run the hotel.

Working at the hotel I have also noticed that the companies are canceling training classes for their associates. I beleive that the training courses are the important factor and that in some of there cases supplies and other resources should be their main concern on giving up.

On my trip, I went to a Jimmy John’s and there was a line out the door, and one employee in panic. She was the only one on schedule to save hours, and she had to announce to the angry customers that they just ran out of bread, since they are trying to be less wasteful and only order the bare minimum…I couldn’t believe it, the economy strikes again, and this time stole my lunch!

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for finding ways to slim up the savings and find the most resourceful way of running the businesses. I just can’t wait until everyone figures out the best routes.

It seems like we are all still in the “trial and error” period and I literally can’t take it anymore!

In my opinion we all need to go back to the basics, what does it take to run a company, just run the company not doll it up in bows and ties, but simply run a company, the answer is still happy employees and the necessary supplies.

That is all I look for when I leave my apartment and head out for the day, it is sad that most places can’t see that since they are still aiming for the pretty frosting and shinny signs.