“i” makes everything a little easier

Coming from the people that brought you the stylish technology, millions of songs in your hand, touch technology and the use of the letter “i” in front of every word.

Apple is the leader in creating state of the art technology that makes life easier.

So what more could they possibly do for us?  Recently, Apple has been hard at work making their already great products even better and less expensive for people.

They went back to the original white Macbook and beefed it up with more memory, faster processing and,of course, made it thinner.

Last year,a price for a Macintosh with this kind of power would’ve ran about 1,500-1,700 dollars, but now it is available for 999 dollars.

They have also made their Macbook Pros more available to people with a base price of 1,200 dollars, rather than the original 2,000 dollars.

For the people that enjoy a just having a desktop computer, Apple has also juiced up its all-in-one computer: the iMac.

Known for having the disk drive, screen, hard drive, and USB ports all in the monitor, the iMac is a great purchase. It also comes with a 27-inch screen. High definition picture, faster processor, more memory and all the preinstalled software. Today, one of these beasts will run you anywhere from 1,200-2,000 dollars.

Being a student a Bellevue College, we are also eligible for discounts on Apple computers. On many of these prices you can take 50 dollars minimum off, depending on which computer it is.

There have also been several rumors about the releases of a Macbook Touch, Macbook Wheel and an even an iPhone Pro. All of these have not been reported directly from Apple and are either a joke or a whisper in the company.