Ice cream brings BC together

Ice CreamSliderLast Tuesday,  Nov. 5, Peer to Peer held an ice cream social event. This was the first ice cream social event of fall quarter. The event took place in C212, in the Student Programs office. It lasted only one hour, from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., but it was very successful. Numerous students were waiting to get free ice cream.

Sai Guo, Peer to Peer coordinator, thought that this event was very worthwhile. He said that the purpose of the event was for students to make friends, socialize and network. Because this is in the middle of the quarter, students can be tired or busy with their studies, so it a kind of a place for them to relax.”

The event was co-sponsored by the International Student Program. It was very popular among students. International Student Life Coordinator Linda Annable discussed the importance of involving all the students on campus and not just the international population. She also said ISP members such as herself value the rare interactions between themselves and BC students and hopes for more similar interactions.

First year international student at BC and member of ISA, Ryan Phan, said “I think this is the best event. I am happy to meet alot of new friends and also
I am able to learn about [the] future and am able to socialize with [new people]. I fell it [was] very fun and happy.”

Besides Peer to Peer volunteer, advisors from ISP also came to help to ensure the event ran well. Linda said, “ice cream social is something held every quarter. It is a Student Programs event. So, we do not actually choose this event, we choose to sponsor it … [we] buy the ice cream cones, the toppings … Basically, Peer to Peer provides for the volunteers while the office also supplies other products, like
the cups, spoons and tables.”

The ice cream was displayed on a long table. There were several choices of ice cream. Students could choose their favorite ice cream and toppings.

Peer to Peer creates events where students can socialize with their peers and be introduced to staff and departments on campus. It is also a place for students to find a resting spot from all the strenuous work and studying that many go through while
providing a fun opportunity to network.

Guo said, “The networking is important because, you know, it
is all about the people.
We need friends. People need to talk, to communicate. If we have concerns, we can talk to each other.”

Guo continued, “We did a lot of stuff for this event, like buy the supplies, plan the event and send emails to students. This event is cosponsored by
ISP and Peer to Peer. And, we will have another one. We have two Ice Cream Social this quarter. And,
you know what, the next
one will be sponsored by Peer to Peer and The Watchdog.”