If you could tell your past self anything, what would it be?

Chitalu Mumba: “I would tell my 11 year old self, two words, seek God.”

Mandy Trout: “I would tell myself that it’s okay if you don’t know what your plan is.”

Zachary Gallagher: “Stick with whatever you are doing, and carry on the same moral values through out life.”

Brendan Botten: “I would tell my past self to go the extra mile whenever you can to prepare yourself for tougher challenges in life.”

Leo Lezama: “Don’t procrastinate.”

Mina Carroll: “Just keep swimming.”

Mary Cynthia: “Find what you love and don’t let anyone persuade you differently.”

Jordan Allen: “‘Remember who you are’ from The Lion King.”

Jialiang Wang: “No pain, no gain.”