If you could vote for a celebrity for president, who would it be and why?

Ana Atondo: “Ashton Kutcher because he is part of a technology company that helps track down and end the exploitation of underage children.”

Annalee Reid: “Zac Efron. He’s got everything and he looks good with his shirt off anyways.”

Maria Emerson: “Ryan Renyolds because he’s not afraid to say what he thinks and also seems responsible.”

Abigail Ballantine: “Barbara Streisand because she has always been an activist and has achieved so much in her life.”

Jordan Allen: “Oprah Winfrey.”

Zack Penner: “Dwayne Johnson.”

Danic Steck: “Jack Black.”

Ryan Hassan: “Dwayne Johnson.”

Katy Burke: “Gordan Ramsey.”