In Response to: Jibberish Volume 75 Issue 3

To the Editor:
Page fifteen in the September 30, 2008 edition of The Jibsheet includes “fun” activities such as the “Happy Gay Silly Horoscopes” and a “Gay Cinema Wordsearch.” What the creators of these activities may not realize, however, is that the “fun” comes at the expense of LGBTQ peoples. A**less chaps? Judy Garland? We would hope that, at an institution of higher learning, BCC students have learned about the power of stereotyping and the very real pain stereotypes cause. It is disappointing that The Jibsheet thought this material acceptable.
We encourage The Jibsheet to include more stories and issues that are important and relevant to LGBTQ peoples and the larger society, such as the article on page fourteen by Bridget Geopfert about the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. But please, don’t spread stereotypes about any societal group. Stereotypes rarely, if ever, portray truth.
Denise L Johnson, Sociology Instructor
Lori Saffin, Sociology Instructor
Sara Sutler-Cohen, Sociology Instructor

Becky Turnbull, Library Media Center