In response to: Jibberish Volume 75 Issue 3

To the editor of the Jibsheet,
I am writing to voice my concern about the “Jibberish” column called “Happy Gay Silly Horoscopes” as well as the “Gay Cinema” Wordsearch that appeared in your most recent issue. These articles played out stereotypes of the LBGT culture. I know from reading a string of e-mails that 1. Some students were offended. 2. Some students were not. 3. BCC wants all students to feel welcome here, and being made to feel uncomfortable in your sexual preference violates our mission to be a “safe” institution.
I don’t advocate silencing the Jibsheet. Instead, I would like the Jibsheet to convene a public forum to discuss the incident.
Thank You, Robin Jeffers Coordinator, Outcomes, Assessment/Institutional Effectiveness Bellevue Community College