International student tuition


Many local, instate students might not be aware that international students as well as out-of-state students pay as much as three times more than their tuition fees. Each quarter, they pay a total of more than $3000 for their studies, and that amount excludes their living cost.

I understand that some international or out-of-state students might not feel that the tuition fees are too high or that the current fee is a reasonable price to attain a degree in the United States. However, the fact is if tuition fees for international students keep on increasing, say by 5-10 percent each year, it will not only affect the international students population, it will also affect the United States’ economy.

I personally believe that every one of us deserve to have free education. Each country has different laws regarding education. Countries like Germany subsidize and make higher education free for their citizens and international students.

One problem that I notice is if international students’ college fees keep on climbing up, it would deter universities or community colleges to take on good, qualified, bright students. It is very true in the case of prestigious universities. If prestigious universities only look at their students’ income without looking at their qualifications it would ruin the schools’ reputations.

Doesn’t the United States want to produce future leaders and successful people? Why are they making it difficult for people to study there?

As international students, we are subject to the same issues local students have and more such as the unreasonably high priced textbooks, the same building maintenance, computer fees and others. International students are also subject to potential isolation and depression because of not having family support and the language barrier.

I have the option to go back to my home country where I pay less for my education but I choose not to, because I believe that earning my degree here in the United States will open up so many more doors than if I pursue my education in my home country.

The United States should compete with other developed nations to provide free or at least inexpensive higher education. As other nations begin to teach and promote English with endless marketing, the U.S. might suffer from increasing international student tuition fees that deter them from coming to study here.

I would be extremely happy if colleges in the United States offered free education because it means that we are opening more opportunities for people around the world. However, I don’t think it is possible especially seeing that the revenue from international students’ tuition for higher education is one of the most valuable proceeds for public or private institutions according to the International Trade Administration’s (ITA) website,

ITA promotes trade and investment in the United States and increases the competitiveness of industries in the United States. It is next to impossible to enforce free education in the United States but if the U.S. wants to become more competitive in their education and produce more successful graduates, it is good to lower the price of the currently mounting international students tuition fees to attract more students to study here.