International Talk Time: Advocating for a diverse community

InternationalTalkClubDiversity has always been an important element to the community. Its advocacy is encouraged at every educational or occupational workplace.

Bellevue College has held events and provided programs that emphasize that judgment should not include the color of one’s skin, personal preferences, but by one’s character and what they have to offer in terms of knowledge and wisdom.

Last Thursday, the International Student Programs at Bellevue College hosted their second meeting of winter quarter.

ISP members welcome newcomers with gracious hospitality, offering snacks and hot tea. Games and active conversations were participated in throughout the meeting. Due to MLK week, the last meeting the ISP held was focused on the history of Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as topics relating to him and his impact on society.

There  were many discussions about discrimination, both in the US and other countries, historical figures like Rosa Parks and President Barack Obama and personal goals and hopes.

Commentary was both very ambitious, humanitarian, and sometimes as simple as everyday hopes of losing that holiday weight. The purpose of the meeting was to have insightful discussions and to clarify details about topics that otherwise go untouched.

Attendance at the meeting consisted of a diverse group of people. Nationalities included Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Korean.  The club encouraged recruits of all ethnic backgrounds even those who aren’t international. As mentioned by Charlie Chui, the president of the programs. “We really want to recruit everyone; everyone is welcome, both internationally and locally born.”

His role as president includes responsibilities over recruitment, funding for the club in the form of fundraiser and paperwork for fun overnight trips and subsequent meetings.

International talk time is and ISO event that offers a friendly environment that opens its doors to any student interested.

Meetings serve as an outlet to practice English for non-native speakers. Come expecting to make great friends and learn about many different cultures and experiences. Meetings are held every Thursday in room C-103, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.