Interview with BC baseball player Max Brown


Max Brown has been playing baseball for 15 years, since the age of four. Now he is a starting freshmen outfielder for our Bellevue Bulldogs. “It’s crazy to see how far I have come with baseball when at first I didn’t want anything to do with it. It has become a part of my life,”said Brown.

Q.) What’s the hardest part about baseball for those who have never played?

The hardest part about playing baseball is definitely the mental part of the game. It is very easy to lose focus during a nine inning game because, especially two nine inning games, sometimes nothing will happen for most of the game or a ball won’t be hit to you the entire game. You have to stay focused 100 percent of the time though, because if you lose focus for just a second that ball will most likely be screaming your way. Also, baseball is a game of failures; you are considered good if you get out seven out of ten times. You have to learn to cope with the failures in baseball and just keep chugging along.

Q.)What is the best personal baseball moment you have ever had in your life?

The best personal baseball moment I have had in my life is getting the game-winning hit to win State last year for Mount Si. Coming back from being down two runs with two outs is something I will never forget for the rest of my life!

Q.) Prior to a game, what song do you always listen to get you pumped up?

I would say Cat Daddy because I sure love to Cat Daddy!

Q.) What’s the difference between high school ball and college ball?

You have to put a lot more time into the game of baseball. It is an everyday thing all year round. We start in September and don’t end until the end of May, and after that many of us guys go right into summer baseball. You have to be dedicated at all times; there are no more excuses about going and doing other things instead of practice. We play many more games from fall ball to pre-season games every weekend. You have to love the game and want to get better each day if you want to play at the next level.

Q.) What has been the hardest adjustment you’ve had to make academically and athletically?

Academics wise, I would say that since you’re not at school in the classroom all day and classes might not start until later in the day and not last as long, it is easy to put stuff off until the last minute. You have to stay up on your studies and not fall behind because it is hard to come back. There are no more missing tons of days of school because if you do, you are screwed. Athletically, I would say my swing has been the hardest adjustment. I have been working on it all year, changing things up, trying to perfect it, and it is finally starting to pay off.

Q.) When you’re done with Bellevue College where do you see yourself going and what do you see yourself majoring in?

I see myself playing baseball still at a D1 school somewhere. Not sure where I would want to go yet but I am keeping my options open. I see myself in sports marketing or physical therapy.

“The season so far is going great! We are off to a great start in league and had a solid pre-season. We are all very excited with how we have been playing and look forward to NWACCS. I think we will see another NWACC championship this year,” said Brown.

The Bulldogs have a 21-4 record with just a little over a month left in the season and have high hopes another NWACC championship will be in their future.