Is this mess supposed to be a parking lot?

Are you bored with your life? Would you like to get your blood pumping and your adrenaline running with the ultimate challenge? Well, I’ve got just the activity for you!

It’s called parking on BC campus between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., and it’s just about the most exigent, stressful, and ultimately futile thing I can think of.

Two weeks ago, I was silly enough to attempt to find a vacant space in the parking garage at around 10:15 in the morning. I entered the campus grounds 20 minutes early feeling so punctual, so on top of my schedule. Fifteen minutes later, I was screaming myself hoarse, trapped in a static line of cars all vying to exit the packed parking garage. At the front of the line, a mere 18 inches from the “NO LEFT TURN” sign, was a white sedan attempting to turn left.

I was completely dumbfounded. The sign couldn’t be any clearer in its meaning. Besides, a mere glance to the traffic building-up on the street outside the parking garage indicated that there was absolutely no point in turning left anyway.

I made faces and gestures at the other drivers in line behind this person. “What an idiot, right?” I mouthed, and I thought they agreed with me.

Then the line moved. White Sedan got her wish and turned left. Finally some progress! But then the next car in line put on their left turn signal.

Then the next.

(And the one after that did it too.) Needless to say, I was ten minutes late to class. I’m still waiting for my blood pressure to return to normal.

Although the example above is the incident that has annoyed me the most, it’s by far the least disturbing. Every day, my passenger(s) and I witness student drivers talking on cell phones, driving on the wrong side of the road in the parking garage, speeding, and simply not paying attention to where they’re going. Considering the large number of pedestrians, it’s no surprise that we’ve had a hit-and-run on campus.

As reported in the March 2 issue of The Jibsheet, a pedestrian at the Kelsey Creek intersection was hit and abandoned by someone driving a maroon hatchback. The investigation is ongoing, but the occurrence emphasizes the need for drivers on campus to be extra careful.

Our campus population has grown. In tough economic times, it’s reported that community colleges experience a massive increase in enrollment, which explains why it’s suddenly impossible to find a parking space. Road rage and irresponsible driving are an inevitable result. But if you’re sick and tired of looking for a parking space, consider carpooling. That way, we can reduce the number of vehicles on campus, and thus the risk of serious accident.

Avoid the stress, save a few bucks and possibly the environment, and reduce the sheer number of huge-ass vehicles on campus by sharing rides. Go to the Bellevue College website for more information.