Karaoke de-stress

Karaoke 1 - cropped

On March 17, Campus Activities Board, Peer to Peer Bellevue College and 91.3 KBCS hosted a karaoke event in the BC cafeteria to help students de-stress before finals week. Any student was able to go up on stage and sing a karaoke to a song of their choice. Some students received a five dollar café gift card for their performances.

KBCS host, Casey Martin said “coming out of a winter quarter, speaking for myself, it’s nice to just have a day and kick back, and going into spring break it’s great to get together, laugh and enjoy some friends.”

As students went on stage to sing, the BC Bulldog mascot danced to the music. Among the crowd, there was dancing, laughing and encouragement. Adelin LaRose, a BC student, explained what she thought the event was about, “I think it’s a chance to sort of get everybody together and have fun and also it’s a nice way to get students to showcase their talents, since a lot of students don’t really get a chance to do that very often.” LaRose had sung Blue Jeans by Lana Del Ray and won a café gift card for her performance.

Some students were not aware that the event was going to take place in the cafeteria that day. Ofek Ianbar, a student, was in the cafeteria to eat lunch. He decided to get on stage and sing Vienna by Billy Joel. Iambar said of his performance, “I think it’s kind of funny and a lot of people seem to be laughing.”

A variety of songs were sung, from pop songs such as I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry, to Hakuna Matata from the Lion King.

Austin Jupp got out of class right before the event started and took the microphone. Jupp sang Dear Momma by Tupac and also won a café gift card. “Music is the glue that holds people together,” said Jupp. He continued, “You can just have anyone get together up on a stage without being a professional and they just have to want to have a good time and have a good attitude, but that’s what releasing the soul and you know, balancing the energy and just sharing that with others and this is very nice for people.”

The event ended 20 minutes later than planned due to a constant supply of participants. The event brought students together to share good times and have fun before entering finals week.