Katie Curses:

Dear Tyra Banks,

You, ma’am, are ridiculous. I used to like you. Heck, I will go as far to say I respected you.

But my feeling all changed once you started opening that pretty little mouth of yours.

I was watching an episode of your talk show “Tyra” and you were doing a segment on the homeless.

I was intrigued. I remember thinking that you had compassion for the less fortunate and you wanted to share your compassion with your viewers.

Man, I was so wrong.

You decided to dress up as a homeless person and spend less than an hour getting the real homeless experience.

It gets worse. Next, on your other show, America’s Next Top Model (ANTM), you had the ladies perform a photo shoot with homeless people.

During the panel discussion, you told the girls that the shoot really hit close to home because at one point, you experienced life as a homeless person.

You were referring to the 40 to 50 minutes on your other show.

I have one question for you: Did you fall on your head or something?

Lying in an alley with dirt on your face for 40 minutes does not constitute being homeless!

By your definition, I am homeless every time I leave my house. The incident that triggered my disdain for you has no excuse whatsoever.

Anyone who has ever seen an episode of ANTM, your talk show, or even heard you say speak ever can easily identify that you are extremely narcissistic.

Lets see if this rings any bells: Miley Cyrus/ Hannah Montana had a birthday party that took over Disney land. Miley Montana, or whatever her name is, was singing, dancing, and smiling when you showed up. You came to give the girl(s) a birthday present. What did you get her? A car? A puppy? An iPhone? No, because none of them have your name on them.

Instead you felt it appropriate to give the Disney princess(es) a picture of yourself when you were 16. You said it would give her inspiration to be the best she could possibly be. That is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard and I refuse to comment on the subject matter any more.

So Tyra, I’m sure you will read this seeing it will be on the internet, and I’m pretty sure you Google your name at least 20 times a day. I have one request, can you please get over yourself.


Katie Drahos