KBCS hosts first Listening Lounge

performing musician
Rebecca Andei performing an original piece.

Tuesday, May 17 saw the first Listening Lounge event at BC. Created and hosted by Student Liaison David Joseph of KBCS 93.1 FM, the lounge offered students the option to relax and listen to live performances by their fellows in an informal environment.

Joseph stated that “The Listening Lounge was a way for myself as a student liaison for KBCS to tap into the – really to create a platform for students and people in the community to perform their art, their artistic expression.”

Held in C130 adjacent to the cafeteria, students could come and go as they pleased – and many did, choosing to take refuge from the din of a hundred conversations in the cafeteria to take in some live music. The atmosphere was reminiscent of an old jazz club, minus the omnipresent hazy smoke.

The performances were as diverse as the attendees, with covers of alternative rock and folk music such as Damien Rice, to original compositions, rap and poetry. There was something for everyone in the dimly lit, relaxed space.

Joseph said that the event “was very successful, it captured that performers want to see more events, they want a space where they could really perform their art. I think that’s really the purpose of that, really opening the door for that type of opportunity, where we can kind of test out new material or really just encouraging all performers on and off campus to be able to express their art. There’s a lot of new artists who are expressing their art for the very first time in public so that was kind of cool.”

Students like Henry LaValee performed original guitar work and covers, two pianists performed original compositions and covers, including Radiohead, Sting and Newworldson. Mary Elworth performed an original composition and covered Johnny Cash, then the pianists returned to perform some covers for the audience. The event ended with Rebecca Andrei performing an original song on the piano.

Rebecca Andei performing an original piece.
Rebecca Andei performing an original piece.

Elworth stated “I thought the Listening Lounge provided a great way to connect with fellow BC students who also have a passion for music and poetry. I was honored to play a song that I wrote and get a positive reaction from my peers.”

Elworth continued, saying “Seeing the other performers was a treat. I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. It’s funny how we all go about our business throughout the day and then when an opportunity like this comes up, the talent comes out of the woodwork.”

Joseph explained a long-term goal is to feature bigger names from the community, “We want to eventually bring other artists, somewhat established artists on board eventually, that’s the plan and maybe have it open, to kind of open those kinds of events and then still have it where students can continue to also perform as well.”

“It’s open to not only people on campus but off campus as well.” Joseph explained they had various emails from people in the community who want to perform their art, “It’s open call so pretty much all talent through the area that KBCS covers, so come on campus and they will get an opportunity to perform their art.”

Currently, Joseph plans to hold Listening Lounge events once every quarter but shared that in the future, they may be held once a month. However, he explained, “We don’t want to over-saturate, want to keep it fresh and maintain it properly.” Joseph added that future plans for the Listening Lounge include live streaming audio and video of the event so those who may not necessarily be on campus can experience the show.

Those wanting information on upcoming KBCS events such as the Listening Lounge can contact David Joseph at david.joseph@bellevuecollege.edu.