“Keeping the mind engaged”

chessThe Bellevue College cafeteria is the campus hotspot for finding groups of people with common interests. From club bake sales to ukelele musicians, the cafeteria is a great place to sample a little bit of everything.

The  latest trends filling the tables is bringing back an old classic concept with a twist. Card games of several varieties are making an entertainment comeback, proving that when it comes to fun, batteries are not always required.

Students Arman Yosal and Peter Tandio enjoy playing foreign card games with a group of friends. Originally meeting at the Indonesian Fellowship Club at BC, they meet in the cafeteria almost every day. “We meet here because it’s louder in the cafeteria and our game won’t bother anyone. It’s also close to food,” says Tandio. Playing with a traditional deck of cards, it has become a popular and fun way for their group of friends to spend time together.“It’s a good gathering place. Anyone is allowed and welcome,” said Tandio.

Yu-gi-oh is more than just the popular anime show remembered from childhood. The trading card game has swept the nation since its release in the United States and Canada in the year 2000. Thanks to students Curtis Tsuchida, Phuoc Vo, and their table full of friends, it is not too late for anyone to learn and partake in this exciting collectable card battle game.

“We play because half the time we can’t be bothered to study,” said one student on their way to class.

Each player uses a custom-made deck containing 40 to 60 cards and up to 8000 life points. Different cards have different strengths and abilities. The goal is to outlive opponents by using monsters and different ability cards to drain their life points to zero. The battles can last anywhere from ten minutes to hours, depending on the decks built from the different cards and the opponents playing.

Tsuchida, Vo and friends meet in the cafeteria daily. Anyone is welcome to join.

Card games are no longer collecting dust in drawers, and certainly not at Bellevue College.