Kick it old school and dress up!

Photograph courtesy of ww3.yuwie.comHalloween is just around the corner and you need to figure out what you’re doing and whom you’re hanging out with—but most importantly, what are you going to wear? Halloween is the one night of the year where you can wear whatever you want and become any person you want to be. However, you’re not in elementary or middle school anymore. Those days were all about being cute or just being something dead, for example: the dead soccer player, dead cheerleader, dead referee, etc. Unfortunately, wearing your old sport’s uniform and smearing fake blood on it just doesn’t cut it anymore.

 In the film “Mean Girls,” Lindsey Lohan says the immortal words “…It was the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls could say anything about it.” Just because this is the one night of year where you can dress however you want, you should never lower your morals or standards for a “good” costume. Don’t over think it and keep it simple. You can go with the classic schoolgirl or mix it up and dress like a cute sailor, a mesmerizing genie, or even a try a sexy firefighter costume.

Guys—you can take advantage of this fun night too! What exactly is appropriate for you to wear? Males can really get creative for Halloween night. For example: you can show off those biceps and dress up as a lifeguard or throw on a super hero costume. We all know you want give the illusion that you actually have biceps.

Don’t always think that the store-bought or muscle-bearing costume is your only choice, or the right choice for that matter. This is Halloween right? What happened to the classic, bloody, scary costume?

With the “Twilight” series, “True Blood,” and “Vampire Diaries,” vampires are all the rage right now. Find some fangs, a black cape and fake blood and you’re all ready to go.

Guys and girls can both pull this ghoulish costume off and even match if you’re celebrating the holiday with a date. Any girl can kick it old school and dress up like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or stick to what’s hot right now and dress up as Bella (from “Twilight”). With your vampire date, you’ve not only have a good costume but also a conversation starter.

If you’re not a vampire fan, you can be a scary clown, creepy Freddy Krueger, or the girl from “The Ring.” There are so many possibilities; you just have put some thought to it.

Halloween is the one night of the year where you can transform and become someone totally different. Get creative and take advantage of this night. Think outside of the box, maybe even save a few bucks and make your costume.

Girls can dig through their mom’s closets and find an authentic hippie getup or an 80’s aerobics uniform. If you’d rather make your costume and don’t have much time, you can wrap your bed sheet around yourself, pin on some random lettuce and be a Caesar salad.

Guys can do the same with their dad’s closets or find some leather, paint some stars on their face, and rock out as one of the members from KISS.

So whether you keep it simple, stay creepy, or get creative, do something fun for Halloween and look good while you celebrate. Don’t be lame, dress up and do it with style!