Latino Night 2016 preview

Members of El Centro Latino and LACC at the open house in January

Over Feb. 9 and 10, the El Centro Latino club held a bake sale on the first floor of the C building. They sold several home-baked and store-bought goods to help raise funds for their Latino Night coming up in the next month.

Marian Enriquez, president of the Latino American Culture club, explained that since Jorge Torres is the program coordinator, she and the LACC would do what they could to support Latino Night whether it be via the bake sale or helping with decorations. The goal is to “work as a group to make this event happen.” Enriquez expects attendees of Latino Night to get the “experience of having a Latino party,” to try Mexican or other Latino foods, and to also learn about the music.

Members of El Centro Latino and LACC at the open house in January
Members of El Centro Latino and LACC at the open house in January

Jorge Torres, the program coordinator for El Centro Latino, explained that other ethnic programs on campus are closely knit and he isn’t just the program coordinator for El Centro Latino but also for programs such as the Black Student Union and the International Student Association. According to Torres, the mission of ECL is to “share Latino culture on campus as well as bringing awareness to the Latino community and building leaders within the community.” Next week, representatives from El Centro Latino are heading to Chicago for the United States Hispanic Leadership Conference, the “biggest Latino conference in the nation,” according to Torres.

Francisco Enriquez, an active member of the ECL, explained that their members got together to brainstorm ideas and take roles upon planning for Latino Night, and that is where they decided to host a bake sale. El Centro Latino plans to use money they gained from a raffle they held last year, but a major source of funds for the event will be from ticket sales for Latino Night, which will be $5 apiece. Part of Enriquez’s personal role in planning the event has been finding a DJ. Torres elaborated by stating that they have plans that will extend further than Latino Night that these funds are to provide for, such as a potential Cinco de Mayo celebration.

The LACC and El Centro Latino are looking for an instructor to help teach the attendees how to do the salsa or other dances. Along with that, there will be a presentation on Latino culture and what they do in the club in hopes of recruiting more members. Torres added that the clubs “wanted the attendees to meet great new people and also to be a part of the Latino culture.” He encouraged people to come, and has been reaching out through social media through organizations like Youth Eastside Services to get the word out.

Latino Night is scheduled for Thursday, March 10 at 7 p.m.