Layering: The way to stay warm and still be cute

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It happens every winter. You try to look cute when you go out, but you end up either freezing your butt off or wearing an unflattering puffy jacket to stay warm.

Usually you just deal with it because, like every girl knows, “beauty is pain.” But not anymore! Something that has become more and more of a trend is layering. Not only can it be cute, but doing so also keeps you warm.

When first buying items to make layering easy and fun, think of the basics. Thick socks, cardigans, leggings/tights, and tank tops are always a necessity to make this work.

Heat mainly escapes from your palms, head and feet, so thick fuzzy socks, as well as cute hats, scarves, and gloves are perfect ways to keep warm.

A tip that I recently discovered is that NBA socks are probably the best to wear during this season. Yes, NBA socks that you can get at Champs, usually used for playing basketball. They are tall and keep their thickness through multiple wears.

Along with layering, wearing hats, scarves, and gloves are a good idea because they really can prevent you from getting sick and catching a cold when walking outside from class to class.

I personally love cardigans, because you can wear them under a jacket that may not be that warm to add an extra layer, and also as a thin layer in class if it is too hot for anything thick.

Leggings or tights also have the same effect. You can wear them under your pants for a extra thickness or just by themselves if you want to wear a skirt but give it that winter look.

Lastly, tank-tops are no longer just for the summer, they can also be worn under T-shirts or as undershirts once the temperature starts to drop.

When layering, keep to neutral colors at first, like black, white, grey, or cream. Theses colors match with almost everything, so you’ll always have one to go with any outfit. After getting these shades, you can expand to other colorful solids to add variety to your wordrobe.

Even layering jackets underneath other jackets can give you a unique look and keep the cold out. For example, placing a denim jacket under a puffy coat provides a cool mix of tectures.

Layering doesn’t just involve mixing up different colors in an outfit; it also can be used to be weather prepared.

There are only so many different types of jackets you can buy and no longer are you forced to wear the same one everyday to stay warm.

Another random tip to stay warm is the underestimated car blanket. You’re able to keep warm while waiting for your car to heat up or defrost.