Left, right and then left again

By Jamie Johnson.
It’s a rare, beautiful sunny day in Bellevue and you’re on your way to class when all of the sudden, while crossing the road, bang! you get hit by a car and die. Now while this probably isn’t a result of it being a sunny day, though that might offer as a distraction, there is something more pressing that could end with this result. Did you look both ways before you crossed the street? Or, more importantly, did the car not stop because it didn’t see you? At the busiest times of day at BCC there are cars and people running all over the place to get to class, and if neither driver nor pedestrian is being careful in the parking lots someone is going to get hurt.
There never seems to be anyone from BCC traffic controlling, telling when people can cross at the crosswalks or drive without hitting anyone. Although there have been little to no accidents, having traffic controllers at major back-up areas would prove beneficial.
For instance, behind the L building by the parking garage, is an insane place to try and get out of — if you are in a car or trying to avoid one. Everyone, during high-traffic hours, is trying to get from the garage to classes and from classes to the garage. Cars are going back and forth having to stop every few seconds for pedestrians who go in little packs of two or three perfectly spaced, it seems, so that the cars don’t get to pass for several minutes.
Also, by the N building, crossing from one part of the campus to the other is hell for cars that have to wait as person after person jogs to make it across before each car can pass, as if their life depended on crossing before the yielding vehicle. Even when a group on one side of the crosswalk is generous, the other side will still flood with people and cars are still forced to wait. It’s like an endless cycle of doom. Eventually, someone is going to get hurt.
BCC should be acting on this, placing a regulator at these major intersections to clear the road so that cars can pass and pedestrians can safely cross the street without the threat of a racing car running into them. Traffic controllers would speed things up and offer fairness to everyone trying to make it to class on time. Don’t wait to be hit by a car to get on the bandwagon.