Letter of the Day: DD

SNL skit poking fun at Perry's Sesame Street music video
SNL skit poking fun at Perry's Sesame Street music video

Over the years, fashion has taken some huge risks; starting with sequined leotards from Cher, a barely-there neon purple jumpsuit complete with pasties from Lil’ Kim, and just about every outfit from Lady Gaga—whether she’s wearing a Yankees’ jersey and black underwear flipping off cameras or a dramatic dress made out of meat products.

Not only do paparazzi and tabloids expose us to these different fashion risks as they hit the red carpet or walk around town, but cable-televised award shows, Project Runway and even your everyday sitcom are now participating along and bringing to view this age of innovative, at times raunchy, fashion pieces.

It seems as though over the years, censorship on television has gotten more and more relaxed. This is why stars now feel free to step out on the red carpet in barely-there dresses, and the wardrobes for television shows are following suit as well.

Just as we now hear the words “ass” and “bitch” used in dialogues of television shows as commonly as any other noun in the English dictionary, we are seeing shorter hemlines and a lot more cleavage just as frequently. That’s right, my fellow “Sesame Street enthusiasts,” I’m talking about Katy Booby (I mean, Perry) making a note-worthy appearance on our beloved children’s show.

If you’re not up-to-date with the recent entertainment news, you missed out on some angry moms leaving some nasty comments after a music video with Katy Perry and our lovable Elmo was released on YouTube. Apparently, the mothers were not too keen on Miss Perry’s cleavage-baring princess dress. The “Sesame Street” producers decided to pull the video from the upcoming show due to the negative response from the video.

Okay, so the only problem with Katy Perry’s dress in my opinion was the awful chartreuse yellow color and the overall fit and style. I’m not into the whole bubble skirt look and the sweetheart neckline was more sour than sweet. Perry’s cleavage was really not distracting at all in comparison to her ugly dress.

So I don’t quite understand why parents are up in arms about this playful, cute music video and over-exposed cleavage when the kids who watch “Sesame Street” are focusing on Elmo more than Ms. Perry’s little Elmos, if you catch my drift.

The kids who would be ogling Katy’s goodies to the point of their parent’s anger are not wasting their time watching “Sesame Street,” but instead watching the most recent episode of “Glee”, where different characters are gyrating and bopping around in schoolgirl outfits and nude body suits while singing Britney Spears ’“I’m a Slave for U”.

These are the kids who aren’t learning the letter of the day with Cookie Monster or counting with Count Dracula, but watching Miley Cyrus grind a pole on the Teen Choice Awards in her short shorts and boots instead.

Normally, Katy’s cleavage is much more pronounced, so the outfit was way understated for what she is usually wearing.

Thinking back, the Disney princesses showed the same amount of cleavage and they were cartoons. How necessary was that, angry moms? I’m sure you and your precious Ashley or Billy watched those movies many times. Did you cover their eyes when Jasmine came out with her red, stomach-showing, cleavage-enhancing slave outfit Jafar had her in when she was under his spell? Doubt it. What about when Ariel and her 12 sisters did their little performance in their seashell bras? How was that boobage for ya?

I’m sure you moms are showing the same amount of cleavage as Ms. Perry and maybe should be the ones covering up. Just a thought.