Letter to the Editor

To The Editor,
I’m writing this in response to “ASG funds Black History Month dance” article on February 18, 2009. In the article by Brook Stallings, it was stated that the funding request passed 4-1-1, with representatives Chapman Chung voting against and Representative Yunita Oesman abstaining. The information stated is inaccurate, Representative Dominic Lee abstained. It was stated that the cultural fund is money mandated by ASG bylaws to support events of cultural impact, such as Black History Month. This information is inaccurate as well, the cultural fund is not mandated by ASG bylaws; it is a part of ASG’s S&A funding process. ASG would like the student to know that while Black Student Union’s funding request encompassed the BSU’s dance, the funding request was approved to support Black History Month.
Thank you,
Yunita Beatrix Oesman ASG Vice President of Equity and Pluralism