Letter to the editor

Dear Letter to the Editor,

I miss the Watchdog a lot. I was the News Editor for over a year, and I really miss how awesome you guys are. Seriously, I have yet to encounter a more fantastic bunch of people anywhere!

Speaking of missing things… I bet you are all missing my skiing opinion articles, aren’t you? For those of you who don’t know, I used to write a plethora of opinion articles about skiing! Well, don’t worry! I still love to ski. And this time I have composed a poem.


Deep in the powder, the early morning snow,

I get a face-shot of snow and cry “Woah!”

While It isn’t as good as heli-skiing, no,

It’s so much better than anything else, though!

As I race down the hillside, shouting with glee,

I hear my buddy behind, calling for me.

He says, “Let’s hit the powder on top of this tree!”

So we ski on some marshmallows, feeling so free.

The best powder is that which is found in a bowl;

A face-shot a turn: yes, that’s my goal.

There is snow almost up to the top of my pole,

And I am so happy, I feel  in my soul.

Soon it is lunchtime, the hours have passed

But I am eager to eat and be back really fast

So much snowfall has already amassed

And I must get back out to ski to the last!

I’ll ski for more hours, from open to close

As icicles hang from the tip of my nose

And frozen indeed are the tips of my toes

But it’s worth it all to ski as it snows.

When the day is done and it’s time to be gone

I feel as if I haven’t been there too long;

Certainly not as if I got there at dawn.

But I must go home, to my own boring lawn.

But as I drive away I’ve no cause to complain;

If I refrained from skiing I’d be simply insane.

So to keep myself happy I will not abstain:

I’ll come back tomorrow, to go skiing again.